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About Us

Established as an all new radio station in October, 2008; KFHX is the premier radio station serving Fountain Hills, Arizona with public service announcements, local programming, and local sports, music, and entertainment. But KFHX does not just serve Fountain Hills - as all state of the art radio stations go, KFHX is WORLDWIDE via the internet. This means you can access KFHX from ANYWHERE in the world and listen to our programming and even be able to watch video programming in the near future. We have quite a lineup we are working with - national celebrity hosts from other major market stations are making the move over to KFHX. The changes are being made now and we are accepting sponsors because we are the voice of the world, and it is your time to be heard!

KFHX.COM   is located on the internet with streaming audio 24 hours per day.  Our main studio is located atop the Holiday Inn in sunny Fountain Hills, Arizona, with other satellite locations set strategically throughout the valley.

We are making sure to provide you with everything you want to enjoy from a quality, live, state of the art, digital radio station.  If you are interested in doing a radio show, please email to receive information on providing your talent.  

1620am is our primary radio frequency in Fountain Hills, Arizona and you may hear us on 1640am as we expand to each area of Fountain Hills; but remember, we service Fort McDowell, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Phoenix and of course the entire world!  With technology today, you can hear your favorite KFHX shows from Fiji, Africa, The Netherlands, or on your favorite beach, literally anywhere!

Thanks for listening to the NEW, worldwide KFHX.COM and know that all suggestions and comments will be read.  Email any comments, concerns or compliments to


will soon be broadcasting 24 hours a day from

- Serving Arizona and the World! -

747 Miller Parkway Drive
Paulding, Ohio 45879

1(877) 347-1620

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